Sunday, September 29, 2013

Complete Surrogacy Solutions - Surrogacy in Thailand and Surrogacy in India

Our website is now live.   Please contact us for more information on the process for each country.   Thailand is open to gay and or single Intended Parents.   Our price package, including our small client management fee, comes to under $35,000 USD.   Includes Thai egg donor, medication, and surrogate through Dr. Pisit of All IVF Center.   CSS is your liaison between cultures, we are here to educate you and to make what is sometimes a rough journey a bit smoother.   Contact us.

Kim Hendrix
Founder and director, Complete Surrogacy Solutions

Sunday, August 25, 2013

International Surrogacy Concierge

Welcome all!

Complete Surrogacy Solutions is a boutique, yet affordable, international surrogacy management practice.  Our Client Manager and founder Kim Hendrix, works directly with two highly successful doctors - in Delhi, Dr. Rita Bakshi of International Fertility Centre, and in Thailand with Dr. Pisit of All IVF Center.   In Delhi, we refer heterosexual married couples only, due to industry regulations in India.  Thailand is open to single/ and or gay clients for surrogacy.  

Kim believes in complete operational transparency within the clinics she works.  All financial aspects and contracts are well coordinated and very specific.   In addition, she provides complete surrogacy support, from the start of the process, through baby pick-up.   It is important to her that all clients understand that the road to surrogacy can be complicated and sometimes bumpy.   Kim believes in the Educated Intended Parent, or "EIP", this is a new model in the surrogacy industry - EIPs understand and are actively involved in their entire surrogacy process.

EIPs of CSS have access to their surrogates, if requested, through Skype calls arranged during Kim's routine visits to both Thailand and India.   All questions are answered with complete candor and frank honesty, many times if necessary.  Both doctors encourage this level of communication.

We will be posting more information as time moves forward, our website will be live soon as well.  For any questions and more information on our programs,  please feel free to contact Kim at